What is a entrepreneur?

First off,  I do know its “an” entrepreneur… but since people search for it this way, I write it so they can find it. Anyway,  a entrepreneur is a person who starts a business and assumes all or some of the financial risks. Normally, entrepreneurs are generally regarded as risk takers. They are people who … Continue reading

What is Segmentation in Marketing

This article will offer a quick and simple answer to the question “what is segmentation in marketing?”. Basically, it is the process by which companies market to specific groups that have certain identifiable characteristics in common. It is equally relevant in regular marketing as it is in web marketing. Without market segmentation, companies would be … Continue reading

What is a Business Strategy?

Business Strategy

Business strategy is a concept that has been used to mean different things in business theory. To discuss all the variants in definition would require a book not an article. However, I will try to explore the concept of strategy from a broad perspective, and then offer some insight into the different ways the term … Continue reading

How to become an entrepreneur with no money

Becoming an entrepreneur is hard; becoming an entrepreneur using no money is extremely difficult.  Many people like the idea of being their own boss and of building something of their own from scratch. In these harsh economic times, many people are also looking to try to scrape a living for themselves online where the costs … Continue reading